5 great TV moms

June Cleaver (Barbara Billingsley),

June Cleaver (Barbara Billingsley), "Leave It to Beaver," 1957-63.

Yes, June wore pearls around the house. And high heels. But her real trademark was her loving but no-nonsense approach to rambunctious sons Wally and Beaver. She met misbehavior with a knowing look and even tone, making surrender the only option.

(Credit: AP, 1986)

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Why settle for one great mom when, as any TV viewer knows, you can adopt a series of them?

Here are five of the best, from the demure 1950s version to the freewheeling 21st-century incarnation. These fictional mamas may have set the bar high for generations of real ones, but they did something in return: kept families entertained so they'd give mom a break, if only until the next commercial. No Mother's Day card is necessary, but let's give each of these TV moms a big hug for her holiday.

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