The only thing we can think about is ice cream. Not just because the mercury hit 90, but also because Ample Hills Creamery, arguably one of the best ice cream shops in New York City and a leader in the Brooklyn artisan food movement, just opened its second location.

It's more than just a storefront, it's a 3,600 square-foot ice cream paradise. There are flavors to try, giant windows that offer views of the ice cream getting made and a roof deck with views across Brooklyn. We stopped by on a Tuesday afternoon and the place was packed.

Co-owner Brian Smith wants people to come and try the ice cream at Ample Hills, but he also wants folks at home to recreate his famous flavors. We're here to help with that second part.

A note on equipment: At Ample Hills, they do not make batches that are as small as this recipe. Some of the appropriately sized bowls and saucepans were not available. Please note the sizes of receptacles in the recipe. Also, any at-home ice cream maker will do.