Katy Perry kissed a girl named Miley Cyrus -- and they both seemed to like it.

The pop starlets locked lips during Cyrus' Los Angeles concert on Saturday night.

While performing her tune "Adore You," Cyrus sat down at the edge of the stage, called over pal Perry, who was sitting in the front row, and planted a big one on her lips, as a YouTube video shows.

Both quickly pulled away after the kiss, with Cyrus screaming in what appeared to be delight.

Attention-loving Cyrus, 21, then posted a photo of her smooch with 29-year-old Perry, who is dating John Mayer, on Twitter.

Perry also posted a pic yesterday: a post-kiss shot that showed Perry covering her mouth and Cyrus, looking to be in a happy state of shock, with her mouth hanging open.

"I adore you @MileyCyrus," Perry wrote on Twitter.