Shia LaBeouf has a heck of a lot of problems, but he isn't dealing with them in rehab.

Despite previous reports to the contrary, the actor has not checked himself into a treatment facility, a source told E! News Tuesday.

The erratic "Transformers" star was arrested in New York on Thursday night after allegedly yelling obscenities and causing major disruptions during a performance of Broadway's "Cabaret," starring bigwigs Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams, at Studio 54.

The 28-year-old was charged with five counts of disorderly contact, trespass, criminal trespass and harassment, then released on his own recognizance. LaBeouf is due back in court on July 24.

On Sunday, released a video showing more off-the-rails behavior from LaBeouf. In the footage, shot a week before the "Cabaret" arrest, LaBeouf appears to be preparing to fight someone outside a New York strip club.