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'Project Runway': Carol Hannah and Huntington and the hunk

Though no one knew who she was at the time (those network contract disputes kept the show under raps), Carol Hannah Whitfield, of Project Runway fame, spent a lot of time sketching her final collection at The Book Revue in Huntington. 

After being named one of the top three finalists, she moved there with one of her best friends from college rather than staying in her hometown of Charleston, S.C.  “I weighed the pros and cons of coming here and just felt because of the availability of fabrics and resources it was an easier transition,” Whitfield said.  Her friend, she says, “was a support for me, and living in a house, there was so much space.”  She ran at the local YMCA, dined on sushi at Azuma ("Two doors down from my house," she said), drank "the best" coconut martinis at Blue Honu, loved the windows at Marshs, and shopped for the accessories for her final collection shown at New York Fashion Week at the Walt Whitman Mall.

So, is she in or is she out?  We won’t know that for sure until Thursday, Nov. 19, but here’s a little Carol Hannah news.  Just last night, she moved into a design studio – yet unnamed – on West 39th Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues.  “It will be a working showroom,” Whitfield said.  “People can shop by appointment, have fittings, see trunk shows, it’s retail-meets-manufacturing."

Oh, and did we mention that she’s sharing the space?  True.  With co-contestants Epperson and heartthrob Logan Neitzel.  Well, well, are the designers, who were obviously crushing on each other during the show, a romantic item?  “Everybody asks me that,” Whitfield said.  “I’m not answering.”  Hmmm.

And speaking of life after "Project Runway," Whitfield has moved to Brooklyn, where she’s roomies with Malvin Vien (aufed early from the show) and finalist Althea Harper.   All in the family. 


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