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TUF 17/2: Just shut up and fight, please

Josh Samman a member of Jon Jones' team

Josh Samman a member of Jon Jones' team on Season 17 of "The Ultimate Fighter." (Credit: FX/Robert Zuckerman)

This comes with the understanding that pre-taped reality television shows such as "The Ultimate Fighter" are edited in such a way as to create "characters" and create/manufacture/manipulate drama.

And now, a note of the fighters on Jon Jones' team: Get over yourselves about picking fights and matchups. Just win your fight and shut up.


Bubba McDaniel and Josh Samman (pictured) led the vocal charge in Episode 2 on Tuesday night. They complained about how they didn't like Jones' pick of Gilbert Smith to fight Luke Barnatt of Team (Chael) Sonnen.

McDaniel wanted to know what he's supposed to do with his career if Smith loses his fight? Here's a thought: maybe someone else on your team can win their fight.

Smith's teammates then went and cried to Daddy, er, Frank Mir, about him not being ready to fight. Amid the range of emotions, Smith just wanted to hear his coaches pay him a compliment.

"Ultimately, you're not here for any other fighter," Jones told Smith. "You're not here for anything but to become the 'Ultimate Fighter.'"

And now Smith isn't there anymore, at least in terms of the competition. Barnatt knocked out Smith with a flying knee to the head with less than two minutes remaining in the second round of an uneventful fight.

The bout was more grappling than anything else, and even though Smith landed several good strikes to the face of Barnatt, who was literally more than a head taller than him, he tried to wrestle him to negate his length.

The knockout came when Smith went low to shoot in for a takedown as Barnatt was lifting his leg to throw a flying knee. Smith was knocked out immediately.

Uh oh, there goes everyone's careers on Team Jones.

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