Tracy Anderson is credited for some of Hollywood's hottest bodies. The fitness guru, best known for her Tracy Anderson Method, has worked with Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and more.

With beach season in full swing, we checked in with the 7-year Sag Harbor resident, whose Water Mill studio (903 Montauk Hwy., 212-965-1408) is the only Tracy Anderson studio in the country that is open to members and non-members.

What is your best tip for looking your best?

Exercise 5-6 days a week all year round. Your entire body needs attention daily. We need more exercise than we think and we're capable of doing it.

So there's no easy fix?

It is easy though. Once you get good at it, it is easy. I love the way that it feels. I feel worse not doing my workout than I do doing my workout.

The Hamptons has gotten so much

healthier in recent years.

Local people ... care about the integrity of the products they're producing here and that what makes it so healthy. People aren't out here juice cleansing and trending -- they're really enjoying life out here in a very organic way. And that's one of the things I love about it. I love my little market Provisions in Sag Harbor.

You travel all over the world, why make Sag Harbor your home?

I grew up in Indiana. I have two kids, I have a teenager and a toddler. I worry that I might not have the tools to afford them being down-to-earth if I raise them in a city. For me, it's like I need the open space, I need the small community, I know how to do it in that environment.