Hundreds of nude models will have “notes” painted on their bodies in the middle of Times Square at an event inspired by the “Subway Therapy” art project.

In November, New Yorkers were encouraged to write messages on sticky notes about their feelings after the election and post them to walls of subway stations around Manhattan.

Seeing the colorful aftermath, Andy Golub, artist and founder of NYC Bodypainting Day, decided to translate the idea through body paint.

At the “Body Notes” event on June 9, more than 200 people will be painted with messages they choose themselves.

While there are no restrictions to what sayings the models choose, Golub said he hopes they will pick messages that “bring people together.”

“I’m very strongly encouraging people to say things that are heartfelt, but not divisive,” he said.

The models themselves will be doing most of the painting, with some guidance from artists, Golub said. They will each choose two colors — one for the box with the message and the other for the rest of their body. The painting will begin at noon and will be followed by a photo shoot on the red TKTS bleachers.

Anyone can apply to be a model through the Human Connection Arts, a nonprofit that Golub founded and is sponsoring the event.

The fourth annual NYC Bodypainting Day will be on July 22 in Washington Square Park. It has also expanded to cities, including San Francisco, Berlin and Amsterdam.