Scores of people were lined up in front of Apple's Fifth Avenue store on Thursday in what has become somewhat of a tradition, the day before the tech company releases its newest iPhones.

The line stretched around the corner as dozens gathered in hope of being the first to get their hands on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Moon Ray, 25, was first in line and had been there for 18 days.

"I'm getting two phones: the iPhone 6 for me and the iPhone 6 Plus for my husband," said Ray, who travelled to New York from the south for the sole purpose of getting the phone. "We brought solar chargers, thermal mats, and inflatable chairs and mattresses.

"We also got a membership at the YMCA so we can shower," she added.

The new phone comes in two sizes, both bigger and thinner than the earlier editions: a 4.7 inch version and a 5.5 inch "Plus" model. They also boast a better screen resolution, longer battery life and a higher-quality camera.

While the excitement over the 6 pales compared to the buzz the first-ever iPhone garnered, people still camped out for days.

Queens resident Luis Lorenzo, 40, set up outside the Fifth Avenue store to buy an iPhone 6 Plus in gold.

"I brought my weather gear, my umbrella, my sleeping bag, my tarp," he said. Lorenzo has been there for two weeks and two days.