In New York it can be tough to choose what to do first: You may want a manicure after work, but then you'd have to miss happy hour.

Thanks to a new app, PRIV, you can do both at the same time.

PRIV, headquartered in the NoMad area, allows New Yorkers to order beauty and wellness professionals -- from makeup stylists to personal trainers, and now also spray tanners -- to wherever they want in under an hour.

For example, co-founder and co-CEO Joseph Terzi said users have ordered a yoga instructor to Sheep Meadow in Central Park, kickboxing to Washington Square Park, and manicures at a bar.

The app is designed like a "one-stop-shop to really take care of yourself," Terzi said, which is particularly helpful in a big city like New York because of "the sheer fact there's no time to do anything."

Getting professionally cared for in the comforts of your own home, Terzi said, used to be a luxury reserved to celebrities.

Now anyone can enjoy it.

For those who think meeting strangers at home, or anywhere, in New York can be dodgy, PRIV has that covered too.

To protect its customers, Terzi's team interviews every professional that applies to work through PRIV in-person, asks to see their work (for example, a makeup artist would come with a model to demonstrate on), and does a thorough background check on them. Likewise, customer service representatives at PRIV research users on Facebook and Google and keep an eye out for any red flags that could indicate trouble for professionals.

After the service, both the professional (internally) and customer (through the app) can rate each other so future PRIV users can judge who they'd like to work for or hire.

In the next few weeks, PRIV will unveil an app update, will offer some new services, and is slated to open in Los Angeles and London. PRIV is currently available in the Apple store and will launch for Android soon.

Visit to apply as a professional for the app.