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$100+ for Wednesday's history-marking NYT?

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Unable to find a copy of Wednesday’s New York Times with news of Barack Obama's historic victory on the cover?

You're not alone: Copies flew off newsstands as fast as they arrived and the paper was sold out at stores throughout the city by mid-morning.

Copies of the Daily News, New York Post, and amNewYork were also in short supply, quickly snapped up by New Yorkers looking for news and perhaps details on the election and souvenir to remember it by. (The Times printed 50,000 more copies Wednesday afternoon.)The demand for Nov. 5 papers was so great that it even spawned a lucrative market on eBay.

One copy of the New York Times had drawn a bid of $100 Wednesday afternoon — a markup of over 6,000 percent from its original $1.50 price — and many other city papers were attracting bids of $10 or more on the auction Web site.

— Benjamin Sarlin

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