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A candidate by any other typeface ...

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By Kimberly

An intriguing segment on ABC News discussed the differences between the front-runner presidential candidates’ official logo fonts and how they support campaign themes.

For example, Obama uses the font Gotham, a relatively young sans serif, based on the Port Authority sign — perhaps in homage to his liberal elite reputation? Collins, a branding consultant, describes this font as “blunt, friendly, new, yet familiar.” A dead on subliminal choice representing change!

Hillary, on the other hand, features Baskerville (need I bring up the hound pun?) created in 18th century England which is described as “warm, classic, and traditional,” again an excellent choice for a campaign based on experience.

But the best by far is McCain’s choice of Optima, a font not typically used by designers because it seemingly “can’t make up its mind.” This “bold yet elegant” typeface may perfectly represent McCain for his pandering and flip-floppy ways as seen this past week when he speaks of Global Warming on Tuesday, and then addresses the NRA on Friday. By the way, Optima was created by world renowned designer Hermann Zapf, who happens to be 90 and still cranking out work. Reach for that star, McCain!

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