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A plea to shorten the season

By Matt

Simply put, this primary season has gone on for too long. I personally have lost interest in the campaign as it has dragged on across these many months. The continued battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, instead of stoking my interest in the race, has had me asking myself when it will all end. In conversations with family and friends, this feeling seems to be somewhat common. Thus, the most important change that the parties can make to the primary system would be to shorten it.

One of the reasons the primary (and general campaign) season has been so long this year is because Iowa and New Hampshire moved their caucus/primary dates to make sure that they retained their first-in-the-nation status.

As long as these two states fight to retain that status, the primary season will remain abnormally elongated. But who cares about Iowa and New Hampshire? Are the traditions associated with their respective primary selection methods so important that the nation should suffer the effects of the malaise and fatigue that can (and has) come from this seemingly endless race?

(continued) The extended primary season has also contributed to the decay of substantive debate and point-counterpoint between the remaining Democratic contenders. Would Jeremiah Wright have been as big an issue if Barack Obama had the chance to wrap up the nomination shortly after Super Tuesday? Would Hillary Clinton’s pseudo-bullet ridden entrée to the Balkans received some much attention if it came in the interlude between the primary and general elections? Would Bobby Kennedy even have been mentioned if the primary was not still raging unmercifully on? How much are Iowa and New Hampshire worth?

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