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A two-year odyssey ends

By Adrian Lee

As we bid farewell to the two-year odyssey that has been the 2008 presidential election I wanted to say one last thank you: to amNY, thanks for giving me the opportunity to blog. To my fellow bloggers, thanks for being so rancorous and intelligent. To all of our readers, thank you for giving us purpose.

No matter who wins tomorrow, we should all note and appreciate the unique duty that Election Day presents. It is not by accident but by the sacrifice of countless generations of humans that tomorrow the choice of who leads this nation and makes its laws is in our hands.

In some 6000 years of recorded human civilization, people have discovered only two ways of settling disputes and choosing leaders: by force and by law. We are the proud progeny of those who first revolted against the tyranny of force and demanded the rule of law. We are the descendants of an ancient tradition stretching back through the ages beyond the temples of Greece and Rome to some indefinite point where the spirit of man was first born. It is a tradition that rejects the indignities of force for the justice of reason. It is a tradition that demands of those who desire power that they humble themselves before We The People, respect our laws and customs, plead their case, and ask for our consent and support. It reminds both the powerful and weak that the individual choices of millions ultimately decide our collective destiny.

Destiny. I once had a professor who loved to say, “The difference between fate and destiny is God.” Well, whether you believe that God is on our side or pray that we are on God’s side, or whether you don’t believe in Him at all, our nations future is now in our hands.It is not the pundits who spin their marvelous webs of rhetoric or the pollsters who try and gauge our temperament, not the talking heads on TV whose words fade into history the second they are uttered, but the farmer in Iowa, the construction worker in New York, the mother in California, the father in Texas and everyone in between who will go to the polls tomorrow to decide which man will be elevated from citizen to president. Once every four years, We The People are called on to be kingmakers. We decide who will take the reigns of government and guide the ship of state into the future.

Few elections have been as momentous as this one. Once again we stand at destiny’s door. The challenges that face us are immense but not unconquerable. Tomorrow, those of us who choose to accept this unique responsibility will help decide our destiny.

Be a part of history and embrace our ancient heritage. Go VOTE, and then go home. Tomorrow night our work is done. Some of our leaders will have two years, others will have four, but all will be responsible for the future of this nation.

Wake up on Wednesday and put this election behind you. Our founders never envisioned having an election last so long. They knew that endless campaigning would cause our leaders to neglect their duties. We have been distracted now for 21 months by this spectacle. It is time for Washington to get back to work. We have two years until the next election. For the sake of our nation, let the next campaign start only in August of 2010.

Until then, let us focus on the dark road ahead so that we may emerge in the light of the next decade stronger, united and more prosperous than now.

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