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America's image, values at stake

By Adrian

For me, the biggest issue in this presidential campaign is the issue of American values and American image at home and abroad.

I am not talking about abortion, prayer in schools or any values that have defined the value wars of the last quarter century. I am talking about the values of liberty — America’s defining values — respect for human rights, freedom of speech and of worship, freedom from fear, self-respect, self-determination and freedom of commerce.

The values I speak of are those values elucidated by our Declaration of Independence, by President Kennedy and so many other great statesmen throughout our history. These values are those which America has stood for since its founding, the principles that made this nation the envy of the world. America’s stance in the world politically and economically has suffered tremendously in the last eight years. War and torture abroad, enhanced surveillance, fear, and economic uncertainty at home have brought low our great nation.

I want leaders who have the vision, as President Kennedy did, to inspire this nation to do great things. Whatever my policy differences with Barack Obama, and there are many, his uplifting rhetoric, his intelligence and belief in American ideals make him a very attractive candidate. However, the more he has fumbled in the last few months, the more attractive John McCain has become.

Maybe it’s time for a grandfatherly figure in the White House. Or, maybe it’s time for an inspirational figure. Either way, it’s time to right the ship of state.

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