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Another Tuesday of primaries

By Emily

I'm scanning the day's political headlines, sighing audibly and slowly shaking my head. It's all question marks and everything sounds a little too familiar to political junkies:

The Washington Post: A Make-Or-Break Primary Day for Hillary Clinton?

The New York Post: Split Decision Looming Today

The Chicago Tribune: Clinton, Obama drop out? Dems say no

And now the sad (a mon avis) truth: Today's contests in North Carolina and Indiana are quite unlikely to end this extended primary season. Voters are turning out en masse (yay!), but polls show the numbers are too close, keeping Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton alive for several more weeks.

187 delegates are at stake today. That's half of those leftover in the remaining primary contests, but the states cannot mathematically settle the Democratic contest (it's 1,745.5 Obama to 1,608 Clinton with 2,025 to seize, according to the AP).

Audible sigh. Slow head shake.

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