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By Kim

Obama's private stolen prayer seen here.

King David Hotel stationary confirms it’s really his (or at least a good fake).

Light in his loafers: McCain trots around the country in his $520 Ferragamos. OK, this story is as lame and irrelevant as the John Edwards $400 haircut whack job, but we can kind of agree it did its damage, therefore I have rationalized the relevancy of this post. HuffPo does a nice job covering McCain’s Italian style complete with photo gallery!

If anything, he has proved the versatility of these mocs as it gets him through golf with “H.W.,” fundraising with Lance, and hob-knobbing with the Dalai Lama! Get a pair for yourself here!

The RNC tries to reach “the youth” by spreading their message in a way that young voters can understand: Facebook. Barackbook.com parodies the No. 1 social networking site complete with fake feed and profiles of surly “friends.”

Ten thousand participants, one leaked video. A two minute snippet of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony rehearsal has been aired on Korean TV.

Check out the trailer for Oliver Stone's "W.," which has surfaced online.

Richard Dreyfuss as Cheney promises to be amazing. But every time I see Ellen Burstyn in a movie, I think of her as the haggard mother in "Requiem For a Dream." Subliminal casting perhaps? See the IMDB credits. here

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