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By Kim

* He means not what he says! I have to come to the defense of my favorite talk show host John McLaughlin who was under fire earlier this week for referring to Obama as an Oreo. Insensitive, maybe, but if he knew how emotionally charged that word can be, I’m sure he wouldn’t use it. I think he was merely trying to break through to his 75+ audience. This coming from a girl called a Twinkie all her life.

* Reporter creepily details Obama’s daily work-out routine with Reggie Love; nerdy D.C.-librarian types stand by and watch. Wussy compared to Condoleezza Rice.

(Los Angeles Times)


* The utterly devastating news about the divorce of Renee and Tyler Ziegel, whose love inspired an Illinois state holiday.

* Terrorist watch list reaches one million! Free iPods for all!

* It’s not me, it’s you. First, former Sen. Gramm tells us we’re in a “mental recession” and that we are a nation of whiners a la Arnold in "Kindergarten Cop." Then Bush tells us yesterday that lifting the ban on off-shore drilling will “reverse the psychology” of doom and gloom whilst having little immediate results.

But I suspect Gramm will have a whole host of problems on his hands given his connections to UBS, recently thrown under the bus by Heinrich Kieber, a Liechtenstein bank computer technician, who turned over the names of those with tax-evading bank accounts to the U.S., U.K. and Germany. Perhaps illegal Swiss bank accounts will be a part of McCain’s new economic policy?

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