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By Kimberly

* Is Obama the anti-Christ? That seems to be the alternative interpretation of the latest McCain Internet ad “The One.” Detailed analysis comparing the ad’s seemingly innocuous verbiage to that of the 1990 apocalyptic "Left Behind" series hints that the subtext of the ad to Evangelicals has a very charged meaning. Here is a thorough analysis from a Democratic consulting group that describes how “The One” paints the picture that voting for Obama will lead to the end of the world.

* The “Straight Talk Express” gets into a fender bender, sports an Obama sticker.

* McCain continues to belittle his wife in suggesting that she could be the next “Miss Buffalo Chip” while campaigning at a biker rally in South Dakota. And according to those familiar with this pageant, it has been described as “essentially a topless beauty pageant […] and occasionally bottomless, too.”

* For those of you who still have not seen the Paris Hilton response ad to McCain’s “Celeb,” here it is.

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