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At Invesco: Al Gore and the wave

(Credit: Politirazzi)


By Dan

The former vice president enters and exits to "Let the Sunshine In." I guess we're no longer a hippie-phobic party. Maybe the ghosts of '68 have finally been excised. He gives a very decent speech comparing Obama to Lincoln and McCain's policies to President Bush.

Talking about how they share the GOP's corporate fealty to carbon industries like oil and gas, Gore quipped:

"I believe in recycling but this is ridiculous!"

After Gore left the stage, a full stadium wave started in the section to my left. It took three times to get it going but it finally made it around the stadium before Michael McDonald settled everyone back down again with a rendition of "America, the Beautiful," not entirely unlike the Family Guy episode that parodies him.

Another Obama video entertains us in the meantime. I feel like I've seen 100 of these over the last three days. This one was cut off in the middle and nobody seemed to notice.

I suppose everyone's too busy trying to figure out which celebrities are in the skyboxes behind their seats. A bevy of beautiful black women (and Star Jones) are in the sky box behind me. Every once in a while Louis Gosset Jr. or Forrest Whittaker stands up and everyone turns around to snap a picture.

Susan Eisenhower is up now, "not as a Republican or a Democrat, but as an American." That's been a theme for the night.

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