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Barack Obama, "Our American Prayer"?

By Bragg

Over the last few months, there has been much discussion of the quasi-deification of Obama in popular culture.

Primarily, it has been tongue-in-cheek, and the McCain campaign even got in on the action, releasing a clever ad a few weeks ago called "The One" that humorously took on the phenomenon.

Today, however, I was directed to a YouTube video, called American Prayer.

It's downright creepy. I can't accurately describe it, and so I would only encourage you to watch it for yourself:

What I can say with confidence is that this is not the sort of thing that will help Obama.

Voters, I think, have some degree of fatigue when it comes to celebrities using their fame to promote their political views.

This video, though, takes the "Obamessiah" phenomenon, tosses in a healthy dose of celebrity worship and the end result is an extremely bizarre and, in my view, off-putting production.

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