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Because people DO care what the 'first dog' is

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By Lauren Johnston

There’s one promise President-elect Barack Obama must make good on ASAP.

Get his daughters a puppy.

Obama had pledged that — win or lose — he would get Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, a dog after the election. But what sort of pooch should Washington’s new “first dog” be?

More than 42,000 people voted in an online American Kennel Club poll in which the poodle was named top dog and it won a similar poll organized by the local animal shelter Bideawee. So what makes the poodle so presidential?“If you want to talk about a dog that represents diplomacy, the poodle is that dog. It will tend to make friends anywhere,” said Bideawee spokesperson Paulette Hodge.

“Poodles also tend to be very good with families. They like to play and they are more patient with the way kids play,” Hodge said, noting that the poodle is also hypoallergenic.

Both the AKC and Bidawee hope the Obamas will adopt a shelter dog. “You’d be saving a life. … [Rescue dogs] want to go back to a home, and they’re eager to be part of a family again,” Hodge said.

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