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Blogging from a swing state

By Meg Boyle

Greetings from Philly! I'm blogging from the City of Brotherly Love because I wanted to watch campaign coverage through the eyes of a battleground state. That's how dedicated I am to Politirazzi.

OK, I'm actually here for my best girlfriend's wedding, but my dedication is solid, Politirazzi.

One of the best things about spending this long (for me) weekend in Pa. is getting the chance to see the McCain and Obama TV ads. They are running constantly. Mostly McCain, but I've seen two thoroughly boring Obama ads (feeble old man sits in armchair, patiently waiting for McCain to break in and steal his Medicare).

The two commercials I've seen most are what I'm calling McCain's "Spartacus" Ad ("I am Joe the Plumber" ... "I'M Joe the Plumber" ...) and what I'm calling McCain's "Red Dawn" Ad (Joe Biden's awesomely awful soundbite about Obama's mettle being tested played over pictures of tanks and other grim imagery. After Biden says, "I guarantee it's going to happen," the screen says "It doesn't have to." Creepy, infuriating, awful. It's pretty brilliant.)I've also seen far too many commercials for the holidays. Not the Halloween holiday, the December holidays. Ouch. Hope this trend doesn't come up north to NYC for a few more weeks ...

Go Phillies!!

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