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Bloomberg to Washington? Not likely

By Jason Fink

Will it be Mr. Bloomberg goes to Washington?

Fresh off a big victory in the contentious term limits battle, in which he won the right to run for a third four-year term, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked today if he would take a cabinet position in either a Barack Obama or John McCain administration.

“Never say never,” Bloomberg said with a grin, before noting that he wanted to keep his current job by running for re-election in November 2009.Bloomberg wrote an essay in the current issue of Newsweek, in which he offered advice to the next president on dealing with the economic crisis, prompting speculation – not for the first time – that he was hoping for a cabinet position, presumably Treasury Secretary.

“It is very unlikely that whoever gets elected, they will call me and say, ‘the country needs you,’” Bloomberg said during a press conference at City Hall Park. “If he were to do so I think I would try to dissuade him.”

Bloomberg, a billionaire who switched his party registration from Democrat to Republican to run for mayor seven years ago and is now an independent, said he hoped the next president would pick someone with Washington experience to run the Treasury Department, preferably one who had done the job before.

Bloomberg also addressed a report that he would seek to run for re-election on the Democratic Party line on next year’s ballot, calling such a possibility “unlikely.”

Three Democrats are already in the race and will presumably face off in the 2009 primary: City Comptroller William Thompson, U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Brooklyn) and City Councilman Tony Avella (D-Queens).

Bloomberg twice won election on the Republican ticket.

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