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Borderline boo-boos and professional sports

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By Lynne

On Monday, John McCain described "the situation on the Iraq/Pakistan border" while doing an interview with ABC, somehow forgetting that Iraq and Pakistan don’t share a border.

Pakistan shares a border with Afghanistan.

This wasn’t his first screw-up. According to Politico:

“Just in the past three weeks, McCain has also mistaken 'Somalia' for 'Sudan,' and even football’s Green Bay Packers for the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

My parents are both older than McCain and their minds are as sharp as ever, meanwhile there are (unfortunately) many people under age 65 with early-onset Alzheimer's disease. So all the ageist speculation and commentary is just a new ‘ism’ to add to the rampant sexism and racism that have marred this election cycle.

The truth: McCain is just bad at geography and — apparently — football.

Will it matter come Election Day? Maybe he should ask Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (rumor has it McCain will announce his VP pick this week and Jindal seems to be on the short list).

(continued) Jindal understands the powerful link between politics and football. In fact, his ethics panel looked at legislative perks, like football tickets. I knew there was a reason to distrust politicians!

Jindal also worried that football might throw the gubernatorial election in 2007; with people so distracted by the LSU-Auburn game they might forget to vote. I knew there was a reason to distrust voters!

Another potential VP pick who understands the link between politics and professional sports is Rudy Giuliani. He ran campaign ads on the rivals.com college football Web site. And, of course, he infamously wore a Red Sox baseball cap.

Mitt Romney may need to step up to the plate and let the world know his favorite sports team.

Or else he might not make it off the bench.

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