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Bring out the family

Emily: Do you all think these two sound a little TOO blue collar?

Lynne: oh, hey emily - what did YOU think?

Bragg: not right now

Kimberly: Biden got more blue collar as the night went on

Bragg: people want to hear politicians relate to them (or try to at least)

Dontre: The Republican dissenters can stuff it, there is nothing that you can say about Gwen!

Kimberly: did you hear Gwen!?

Adrian: Turn her Mic off before she says something stupid!

Dontre: She was top-notch.

Kimberly: she told Biden he did great

Dontre: Keep it on!!!

Kimberly: whoa~

Lynne: oh, i missed that

Dontre: Wait, here's the kids!!!

i'm waiting for them to pass him around

Kimberly: where's the pregnant daughter?!

Dontre: In a black dress, I'm sure

Bragg: wow. pretty petty, personal stuff.

Dontre: it's slimming

Kimberly: hahahaha

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