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Bronx Cheer at the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee

By Kimberly

Glued to C-SPAN on this rainy Saturday, I witnessed the contentious spectacle that was the DNC RBC meeting in our nation’s capital. Hearing hecklers (totally a New Yorker, see below!) and partisan cheering abound, I almost felt cool witnessing this carnage first hand, though the real meat would have been to be in the closed door three-hour meetings that transpired over “lunch.”

In the end, the committee voted for compromise by seating half votes from Florida and Michigan, but if it were up to me, I would have motioned for full seated delegates from Florida, and maybe half or none in Michigan. I would figure that it is at least a bit more fair if both frontrunners were at least on the ballot as was the case in Florida, but not in Michigan.

(continued) All in all, there are no right choices in this most slippery of slopes. And to me, a novice viewer, New Hampshire just came across as a whiny baby trying to preserve its place in the primary calendar, no matter how steeped in precedent.

In the future, I would suggest a rolling schedule of permutations for states’ primary election order. With this in place, we can lay out the next 500+ years of primary schedules with not one being the same. Also, I would propose more states and territories voting each Tuesday, so that maybe 5-10 states would vote at a time and the process should take no more time than two months. This solution would also force candidates to get smarter regarding campaigning efficiently rather than have beers with the locals and eat at every dirty diner in the land. Oh, and it would consequently force voters to actually pay attention and actively seek out the candidate’s platforms rather than make base judgments stemming from who kissed whose baby.

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