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Can't plagarize your climate change views

Dontre: plagiarism?

Bragg: Actually, she probably does know quite a bit about the credit market because she is probably the closest of the four candidates to actually being a member of the middle class.

Kimberly: paraphrasing= he's looking old like he doesn't remember

Adrian: Sarah Palin has 414,905 Facebook Friends. Jo Biden has no facebook page.

Lynne: Biden has been accused of plagiarism in the past. Maybe that was too esoteric a reference, sorry.

Bragg: This (energy policy) is her wheelhouse.

Kimberly: the climate changes when Jesus cries...

Emily: That's because Joe Biden is gangsta and uses MySpace.

Dontre: Here we go!

I don't wanna argue about the causes?

Joe, do NOT let her ass off!!!

Lynne: "we know that climate change is real" - i'm actually surprised to hear her say that.

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