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Can You Pass the Citizenship Test?

By Meg

Can you pass the citizenship test?

I’m a test junkie. It’s pretty nerdy, I know, but I love taking tests and get very angry with myself if I do poorly. At my last physical, my cholesterol came back a tad high and I barely spoke to myself for three days.

I can always count on MSN to provide me with a fix, especially in the ramp up to any holiday. To celebrate the upcoming day of our nation’s birth (as well as the eerie, same-day, heavy-on-the-significance deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson), MSN has thrown down the gauntlet by challenging us to a few of the questions that will appear on the new citizenship test. I thought it would be fun for us Politirazzi to take the test — including our loyal readers (I know you’re out there…have the courage to speak!).

So how did you do, Meg? Oh, you know, I don’t like to brag … but I will. Ninety percent correct, bitches!!

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