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Congress convenes, but not without drama

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Pelosi and Reid on Tuesday (AP)

Congress convened Tuesday at noon to crack down on a highly anticipated stimulus plan, but two Senate seats were left in contention: Illinois, where the scandal-plagued Gov. Rod Blagojevich defiantly appointed Roland Burris to President-elect Barack Obama's former seat, and Minnesota, where "Saturday Night Live" alum Al Franken was just certified winner over Republican Norm Coleman. Burris, who pledges innocence in the Blagojevich scandal, was turned away from the opening.

Three politicians' seats will soon be vacated: New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, as she is the Secretary of State appointee; Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, the vice president-elect; and California Rep. Hilda Solis, the likely secretary of labor. Ah, political musical chairs.

Emily Ngo

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