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Cranky McCain

By Dontre Conerly

Not only is Senator McCain rambling about, telling us that he "knows" how to save us money, he blatantly refuses to answer the question, such that Schieffer had to ask him more than once, "what programs," and "how." As he sticks to his talking points and refuses to waver, he also shows that he can't answer the tough questions, nor can he (like Palin) offer any specifics about his own economic plan!

It will be noted in the days to come that not only is Barack Obama a better orator, but it will pointed out that his extemporaneous speaking skills are likewise superior. The comment that McCain appears to be a cranky curmudgeon is spot-on. His remarks are not only angry, he seems to be livid that his opponent seems to be able to give precise answers and, overall, has a stronger economic plan. He fumes and sputters and spits his answers with rage.

Senator McCain must be off his rocker if he believes that I will accept his weak argument that his negative campaign is the result of Obama's refusal to do town hall meetings! The fact is, both candidates have run negative ads and only one was wiling to mention that not only has his campaign did it, but that it's in the realm of politics. Are we to excuse the McCain's followers who chanted "kill him" simply because Congressman Lewis offended McCain---unprompted from the Obama campaign?

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