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By LaShawnda

Elisabeth Hasselbeck got trumped by Barbara Walters and the other ladies of The View on Friday, Sept. 12, during their interview with Sen. John McCain. The week before, View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, in her characteristically snide, nasty and abrasive way, did a media industry no-no during the Republican convention. She spoke about behind-the-scenes guest agreements in public. While Mc’ing a luncheon in honor of Cindy McCain at the Republican National Convention on Sept. 4, Hasselbeck inferred Michelle Obama had something to hide with her outline of topics not up for discussion on the show. It’s my thought that young Elisabeth was feeling too much like a Queen Bee — far too much confidence and pride in her position on The View.

Discussion of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s criticism of Michelle Obama

Will the real Queen Bee stand up!

Barbara. Ms. Walters, if you’re nasty! From the moment John McCain sat on the sofa between Barbara Walters and Joy Behar, viewers could tell from Barbara Walters’ posture and facial expression she was in her 20/20-investigative-reporter mode. Viewers could also tell by the way Sen. John McCain bristled and continually shifted, he had expected the soft-fluttery-View Barbara. He looked completely taken aback that the real Queen Bee wasn’t asking him questions about his cute, cuddly children and latest home decor decisions. They actually wanted to talk politics! And boy, did the ladies stick it to him!

First segment of half hour McCain interview on The View

The camera didn’t stay on Elisabeth too long but I caught a glimpse of her nervous shifting as well. In my humble opinion, with my extraordinary interpretative powers of body language, I understood the following: Barbara gave Elisabeth what-for behind closed doors and rather than embarrass her directly on camera, Barbara made Elisabeth’s support of Sen. John McCain as a View co-host null and void. Elisabeth was seated at the opposite end of the sofa from Barbara and was out of the camera shot for most of the interview. Though she asked him a tough question — his stance on Roe v. Wade, she apologized that she didn’t have a softball question for him.

Tag Team

This interview was about clarifying Sen. McCain’s position on issues in his own words. Barbara set the tone and Joy and Whoopi took the baton.

Behar told the senator she had seen his ads and they all say at the end that he approves the message. She targeted two of his most recent ads. “We know that those two ads are untrue. They’re lies. And yet you at the end of it say you approve this message. Do you really approve them?”

John McCain took that as an opportunity to shift the conversation to why Sen. Obama should accept his offer of town hall meetings. He urgently suggested the ladies of The View have both himself and Sen. Obama on the show together.

Barbara tossed back a challenge of her own, “You bring us Sarah Palin and we’ll ask Barack Obama.”

McCain chuckled at that.

He talked about his desire to fill future seats of the Supreme Court with extremely conservative judges who would “strictly interpret the constitution as he believed the constitution should be read.”

McCain’s Roe v. Wade stance

Whoopi Goldberg jumped in, “Do I have to worry about becoming a slave again?” McCain apparently didn’t hear her question as he continued speaking about how the Constitution has been carried away from its original intent. “Sir, could you just … I don’t want to misinterpret what you’re saying. Did you say you wanted strict constitutionalists? Because that …”

“No,” McCain defended. “I want people who interpret the Constitution of the United States the way our Founding Fathers envisioned for them to do.”

“Should I be worried about being a slave? Because certain things happened in the Constitution that you had to change.”

“I understand your point. That’s an excellent point.” McCain looked taken aback by her question but he had just been defending his goal of appointing judges who would most likely overturn Roe v. Wade. I can see how his adamant insistence on making sure our legal and Constitutional history is re-done in such a way that women would not have the right to make decisions regarding their bodies would lead Whoopi to think he may eventually go even further back.

As Whoopi franticly fanned herself with her note cards, she said, “I got scared! Thought I had to start runnin’!”

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