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Dems will vote for Dems

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By Jeff

Former Clinton supporters are going to be voting for Obama. They were always going to vote for Obama, no matter how much they pouted. I think even if Clinton hadn’t come out for Obama, her supporters would have still voted for him. The quasi-posturing about supporting McCain by her senior supporters was more about bargaining power and trying to get some assurances from an eventual Obama administration.

Now that Hillary has come out and backed Obama and is now making calls to get her pledged delegates to vote for Obama (though not officially releasing them for a reason), it’s even more likely that Clinton supporters will vote for Obama. Obama has already done whatever he needed to do apparently during the private Clinton-Obama meeting last week. We just don’t know what it was. It wasn’t a VP nod, that I’m sure of, but conventional wisdom says maybe it was a promise of Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice or as the shepherd in Congress for his health care plan. Or maybe it was just, “Hey, shut up; you lost. Go away or I will crush you.” That would have been my tactic.

This trend indicates that those Clinton supporters who previously may have been saying they were going to vote for McCain over Obama, are predictably now admitting that they plan on voting for Obama.

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