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Divisive Clinton shouldn't win

Hillary Clinton. While this may sound misogynistic, it has nothing to do with her sex. She is, in a word, divisive. Asking people if they're for Hillary is almost as bad as asking them if they agree with Roe v. Wade. We may see the South try and secede again if she is elected. She exudes a sense of uninhibited ambition that leads her to pay any price to win. Her second of humanity and a few tear drops in New Hampshire, her whining at the last debate in Ohio about the media's seeming love for Obama, and her campaign tactics are simply childish and ugly. She is the Democratic Karl Rove.

George W. Bush was elected as a self-described "uniter, not a divider." The nation has wanted someone to bring us together — a president that the nation as a whole can be proud of — since 2000. Hillary is not this person. While she would be a capable President, I only see her continuing the partisanism that has defined the last seven years.


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