Political chatter from DC and NYC, the amNewYork way

Don't forget to annunciate

Dontre: I hate that they've co-opted Obama's message and that Biden can just stand there and let is be

Lynne: Oh, please. Like Obama was the first politician to talk about "change"

Dontre: "All administrations make mistakes". . .yeah, but not as large as George Bush's

yeah, Kennedy did, too

so did Clinton

starting to get it?

Kimberly: does she also say "nucular?"

Bragg: yep

Dontre: sigh. . .yeah

Kimberly: uggg

Lynne: Get what? That 'change' is a successful marketing strategy. Sure, I think Obama's a smart, clever campaigner.

Kimberly: it better not make it in the Oxford English Dictionary

Dontre: Can we go back? I need to change an answer.

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