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Double-checking Obama's radical ties

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By Amara

John McCain has to take advice from his running mate and take the gloves off. Barack Obama is going to win this election and the American people don’t even know what they are getting.

The McCain campaign must not be afraid to expose Barack Obama’s ties, Barack Obama’s friends, and Barack Obama’s admirers — the ones he knows, and those working on his behalf, and those who won’t vouch for him.

On the issue of the friends he knows, we have to discuss businessman and convict, Tony Rezko; domestic terrorist and radical Leftist, Bill Ayers; and YES, the white man-hating, anti-American, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. These people are at best slimy, at worst America-hating domestic terrorists.

Obama has broken bread with, shared a stage with and practiced his faith with all three of these men in their respective roles in Obama-land. And it’s John McCain going “sleazy.” Yeah, right …

Where is the outrage? This is insanity! Can you imagine if McCain was EVER seen with a right-wing, white man who was speaking in tongues or something of the like. The Left and the media (if you can even separate the two anymore) would go crazy and yet, BHO gets a free pass. Let me be clear, Barack Obama WAS “palling around with terrorists.”The friends Barack Obama doesn’t know necessarily, but who are actively campaigning and financing him are even more frightening. Hamas phone bankers are calling into our country to convince American people on a grassroots level to vote Obama. Who else besides me (and my three Israel-loving conservative friends) has heard that? And the three of us only heard it because we follow pro-Israel blogs. You would NEVER hear about an Islamic terrorist phone bank for Obama on MSNBC — they can’t even utter the words “Islamic Terrorist.” And what do we have to say about the multiple thousands of dollars of merchandise bought up by Gaza Strip dwellers? Now today, Syrian “leader” Bashar Assad said that he NEEDS BHO to win the U.S. elections?

Here’s the thing: I am in no way implying that the BHO campaign has organized Gazans to phone bank for him. The problem is that the same group launching Katyusha’s into Israel WANTS TO phone bank for Obama. They WANT TO fund his campaign. Assad WANTS Obama to win. This is a big problem.

What about the friends Obama does not have?

Have we ever heard a friend of his from high school vouch for his character? An old roommate — oh, right, he can’t be found. What about a cousin? Nope, nothing. Even John Kerry, who was a flawed candidate to say the least, had people to say, “This is a good, decent human being.” Besides his wife — who we can argue whether her endorsement is an asset or liability — the same is not true of the likely next president of the United States and that is just preposterous to me. But, unfortunately, I am not in charge of American hearts and minds.

Is a good tactic or bad tactic? Should McCain be going negative? Is this an act of desperation? Whatever the reasons for McCain’s new-found guts to reveal the true man who is his opponent, America — the America not privy to an opposition research team — deserves to know the real Barack Obama.

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