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Dream ticket: A smart move?

By Dontre

With all of the political maneuvering going on, it would be wise to consider the ramifications of an Obama-Clinton matchup. Considering that the Illinois senator based his campaign on the politics of “change,” and directly painted the former first lady as an establishment candidate of old Washington, it would be antithetical to his campaign ideals to even think of adding her to the ticket.

For Clinton, playing second string to a man whom she’s called “naïve” in his foreign-policy decisions, and “out of touch” with (her) voters, joining Obama would be a decision undertaken solely because of pressure from the party. For both candidates, the pairing would erode the central tenets of their candidacy, on which they both aggressively campaigned — it’s sure to draw lively criticism from Republicans later.

Furthermore, given their vastly different political styles (Obama, dovish; Hillary, hawkish), it’s almost certain that disagreements will abound as to how to best execute policy decisions. After all, the vice presidency is the most important of the Cabinet positions the president chooses, and should go to someone who shares his vision.

(continued) The position’s power in the Senate could also pose problems for a team that that is at-odds.

Personally, I would like to see Hillary return to the Senate, where her talents are best utilized. Almost half of registered Democrats liked her vision more than they did Sen. Obama’s, and to chuck it aside and be muted by his would be a disservice to her supporters. On this, I call for her to simply sit back and allow Obama to run the remainder of his campaign, and watch him lose; for if he can’t win against Sen. McCain, whom he likens to the continuation of President George Bush, then he his vision truly is out of touch with the American voters, and he shouldn’t be President. If she were the nominee, she’s pretty sure (as am I!) that she’d beat McCain.

If Obama fails, she can simply remind us all of how he, yet again, failed to “seal the deal” and how she (in 2012) is the candidate who can. And there would be 18 million of us who would say, “I told you so.”

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