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Edwards and 'Kenneth': Separated at birth?

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Sen. John Edwards circa 2000 bears a striking resemblance to our favorite southern dimbulb -- '30 Rock's' Kenneth.

We were startled, in fact, we gasped at this resemblance! Are "Kenneth" (Jack McBrayer) and John Edwards long lost twins?

While surfing through shots of Sen. John Edwards (looking for a good one to add to our political "Faces of Shame" photo gallery), we suddenly came across this photograph of the fresh-faced senator back in 2002 when he was gunning for the Al Gore veep spot.

The image snapped at a Tar Heel town hall meeting in Greenville, N.C. on Aug. 3, 2000.

The Edwards of a few years back - when the road ahead showed nothing but promise and possibility - is a dead ringer for fellow southern boy "Kenneth" - the lovably innocent - and, ahem, law-abiding and morally upright NBC page character on the still under-loved best-sitcom-since-Arrested-Development "30 Rock."

Why isn't the National Enquirer all over this? Couldn't it be Kenneth skulking around with ex-NYC party girl Rielle Hunter? Is Edwards just the fall guy?

Or if not -- maybe this opens up a new career opportunity for Edwards. If he's shamed out of politics for cheating on his cancer-stricken wife, then perhaps there's a future for him as Jack McBrayer's - Kenneth's -stunt double.

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