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Ending? Or Suspending?

By Dan

Rumors abound on the blogosphere and in some more respectable mainstream outlets about Sen. Clinton's imminent departure from the presidential primary. A race she has long since lost any chance of winning fairly.

It's OK, though. I understand as a past (and certainly future) supporter of many losing candidates that it can be hard for people to accept a loss is a loss is a loss. It must be extra-difficult for a Clinton supporter, given she had all the institutional support the wife of a former president could muster from the Democratic party faithful.

Originally reported to be dropping out Friday it seems that at the last minute, she changed her mind and made it Saturday. Here's hoping we don't keep enduring more delays, all the way to Denver, as some of her more vocal supporters have urged.

Enough is enough! This race was over at the end of February and now it just sad, really. Fortunately, the NY Times has Sen. Clinton welcoming reality and not just suspending her campaign but endorsing Sen. Obama to boot!

Happy Days Are Here Again!

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