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For whom the poll tolls

By Lynne

The Associated Press has Obama with a slim national lead over McCain. Who cares?

Now, I don’t mean the kind of who-cares-yawn-o-rama-Obama fatigue that is affecting 48 percent of voters (and 51 percent of Independents); I mean, who cares because — duh — did we not learn a single thing about the Electoral College after the 2000 election?

It’s not completely clear which state polls their data comes from, but at least the folks over at democraticSPACE seem to get the fact that the outcome of the presidential election is based on the actual result in each state, since that is what determines how many Electoral College votes that presidential candidates receive.

So they look to state polls, not national polls. Makes sense, right?

In their match up, Obama is kicking the wrinkly, white-haired guy’s butt with 332 Electoral College votes to 216 (the magic threshold is 270). They have Ohio, Michigan and Virginia going to Obama with North Carolina, Florida and Missouri going to McCain.

But a recent Quinnipiac University poll says that Florida and Ohio are “too close to call” even though, just last month, Obama was ahead in Florida and Ohio (and Pennsylvania).

(continued) But maybe that will all change yet again with the introduction of Paris Hilton into presidential politics. In fact, I’m going to start a rumor that Paris will be McCain’s VP choice. After all, he’s still looking for a VP and his spokesperson Tucker Bounds did tell TMZ that her Energy Plan is “more substantive” than Barack Obama’s.

Hmmm ... I wonder what a female VP with youth and celebrity would do to McCain’s poll rating?

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