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Forget Hillary Clinton's speech; how about that orange pantsuit?!

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The general consensus is that Hillary Clinton did pretty well in last night’s speech to the Convention – never mind what she was really thinking. Equally important, though, is the question that always seems to dog her: How did she look?

Better than she used to, but there’s still room for improvement, as they used to say in grammar school: We’d give her a B-plus.

Overall, time seems to have been surprisingly good to the senator: All you need remember are the chipmunk cheeks, the Barney-the-purple-dinosaur hat, that headband, the Margaret Thatcher hair. She’s come a long way.

The shorter hair, the hints of clear color, the less-gimmicky clothes are all to the good.

Still, she could take a hint from Michelle Obama, who looks just great in her simple sleeveless dresses (Note to Hil:the traveling pantsuits are getting really old. Particularly in technicolor).

We happen to like the casual sweater-knotted-around-the-neck look; likewise, we think she looks terrific when she loosens up a little, gets a touch glam. We like her hair when it’s not so, well, controlled. Now, if she would just lose those boxy jackets, do something about the predictable pearls. And stay away from bright-colored pants.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton addresses the Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses, Aug. 14, 1995, in Washington. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

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