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Funding for Iraq or Afghanistan?

Lynne: So...we'll spend MORE money in Afghanistan. Gee, aren't we trillions in debt?

Dontre: We save money when we leave Iraq.

Bragg: biden is doing a GREAT job of being combative but not looking like a bully. it's a fine line for a male politician to walk when debating a female politician. (ask rick lazio). his temperament and tone are pretty much spot-on in that regard.

Kimberly: bosniacs? i just learned something

Adrian: Biden sounds Angry

Lynne: We won't be leaving Iraq for 16 months under Obama-Biden, but I'm pretty sure they want to increase $ to Afghanistan sooner than that so for at least a year, we're funding two wars.

Dontre: it's a gradual decrease

we re-distibute our resources

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