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Gaffes left to go

By Jeff

Oh, how I wish I was asked to predict the upcoming gaffes two weeks ago. I would have absolutely called someone from the McCain camp making the semantic argument that we aren’t technically in a recession and that Americans are a bunch of crybabies. But alas, five more predictions:

1. I think it’s a foregone conclusion that someone is going to refer to Obama as “boy.” In fact, I’m shocked it hasn’t happened yet. Predicting “who” is difficult, other than to say it’ll be some old white guy Republican surrogate of McCain. When it happens, they will apologize for their “poor choice of words”, assure the country that they meant nothing by it other than that “I was trying to convey the point that Senator Obama is very young and in experienced, like a child. I deeply regret my poor choice of words.”

2. “Senator Osama”. ‘Nuff said. It’s been done before. It will be done again. But this time by McCain and in one of the debates.

3. We haven’t heard the last about McCain’s war record. It’ll be a very dangerous line to walk, but the far left was actually happy for General Clark for first making the comment, and then angry that he apologized. I’m not going to link them, but there’s a world of conspiracies about McCain’s war record out there if you want to Google it. I predict whoever makes the comments (which will backfire), will not officially be part of Obama’s campaign, and that it will likely take place around the Republican Convention when the Republicans are heavily playing up McCain’s hero status. All the fawning will send some left winger over the edge, and they’ll make a baseless accusation akin to “McCain’s negligence killed 160 people in the USS Forrestal incident.”


4. Obama is going to say something that is almost verbatim what was once said by Karl Marx, Lenin, or Trotsky.

5. Bob Barr will say something that directly and so extensively contradicts the basic principles of the Libertarian platform that his campaign and the national party will publicly battle and be so at odds that they really won’t work together much. Eventually, he’ll either just fade away or there will be a coup and he’ll actually be replaced as their nominee. Either way, I’m thinking he goes back to the Republican party after this election.

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