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Give us a break, please

By Lynne

McCain may not have been in the news as much as Obama this week, but I’m not so sure that the media Obama’s been getting is translating into any new votes.

McCain needs to focus on choosing his vice presidential running mate. That choice will have significant impact on his ability to peel Democrats away, keep Independents from voting for Obama or solidify conservative support.

As far as Obama — I’m hoping he takes another vacation, maybe does a little writing. Hey, he could do some more fundraising for his campaign now that he has broken his promise to accept public financing in the general.

Seriously, people are tired. We need a break. I’m in Chicago — Obamaland — helping get ready for the upcoming Green Party National Convention in July, and people are a lot more concerned about gas prices, and overcrowding on the Metra.

(continued) Let’s face it: Obama's got the nomination sewn up — as long as he doesn't screw up. August 28th is a long way away and there are plenty of opportunities to misremember or just plain say something stupid. Or for volunteers to bar women wearing headscarves (hijabs) from sitting behind him, campaign policy or not. Apologies after the fact do not erase memories or stop people from wondering.

Same with Michelle. Sure, lots of people watch The View, but a simple Google search will show that some of her previous comments are still pissing people off all over the Internet.

And let's not forget that Clinton is lurking in the wings. They may be planning to campaign together now, but if he implodes those superdelegates can still change their minds. You really think she'd turn down the chance to get the nomination?

Or, I know — maybe he can help the Democratic party raise money for their convention in Denver. According to recent reports, they are short $10 million (the tens of millions that Denver is planning to spend on security comes from federal funds ... hmm, maybe health care for some of the 43 millions Americans without coverage might be a better use of our taxpayer dollars).

If Obama comes to the rescue, he would endear himself to even more members of the party. He does still need to keep Democrats voting for him, remember, and this way he could also get a few more names to add to his own private fundraising solicitation lists since — yes, I am going to harp on this — he has rejected public financing.

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