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Grading the Democratic convention

By Meg

Gold Star: Hillary

I think she knew this would be the speech of her career and, in my opinion, she hit it out of the park. Tough, resolved and rallying, Hillary was able to remain gracious to her supporters while pulling the political equivalent of Shatner telling the Trekkies to get a life. Phenomenal job,


Demerit: The Strange Chemistry between Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann

Someone find Dan Patrick, please. As the overall political “commentary” on MSNBC grows more and more impossible to watch, no two pundits make stranger bedfellows than Matthews and Olbermann. Perhaps the powers that be at MSNBC thought that Olbermann’s dry bemusement would be a sobering match for Matthews’ unbridled hysteria, but I beg to differ. It may have been the Colorado wind but every time I tuned in Matthews’ hair had gotten more out of control and Olbermann’s left eyebrow had risen higher. I miss Tim Russert.

Gold Star: MSNBC’s Election Theme Music

It makes me feel like chanting “USA! USA!” even more than the theme music to HBO’s “John Adams” miniseries did.

Gold Star: Michelle Obama

Can we elect her? (Seriously, can we?)

Demerit: CNN’s Interview of Ann Price Mills

After Hillary’s speech on Day 2 of the Convention, CNN interviewed delegate and Hillary supporter Ann Price Mills for her reaction, an interview that evolved quickly from interesting to unintentionally hilarious to oh-no-I-think-she’s-off-her-meds.

A good reporter would have ended the interview as soon as Mills made it clear that she was leaving the land of lucidity but, God bless CNN, they kept the camera on her for almost four minutes. Journalism at its best.

Gold Star: The Look on Anderson Cooper’s Face after CNN’s Interview of Ann Price Mills.

Gold Star: Obama’s Acceptance Speech

Finally, we see some fight from the guy. I knew it had to be in there. He’s from Chicago, for goodness sake. Here’s hoping he continues to act like it.

Demerit: The Music Following Obama’s Acceptance Speech

We get it: He’s one of Us. But country music? Really? Bring back Bruce Springsteen. Stat. Bruuuuce!

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