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Grading the RNC

By Meg

Gold Star: Toning it Down for Gustav

It was necessary but also provided a good opportunity to show the “Country First” motto in action by raising funds for those in need.

Demerit: Gratuitous Self-Congratulation over Toning it Down for Gustav

Don’t start practicing those Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speeches just because you didn’t screw this one up, boys.

Gold Star: The Glorious Absence of George Bush and Dick Cheney

Obviously, I wish the circumstances that kept them away had been different but wow, McCain sure hit the lottery. Any chance he can keep them quiet until November?

Demerit: Rudy

Still an ass.

Gold Star: Sarah Palin: Hockey Mom

That pesky lack-of-experience thing made it necessary to focus on personal biography rather than policy, and it worked for her. My favorite line was about her husband: “Two decades and five children later, he’s still my guy.” Well executed and well presented.

Demerit: Sarah Palin: Candidate for VP

Smugness does not become you, Gov. Palin. I know you had many, many "responsibilities” as the mayor of Stars Hollow or wherever it is you came from, but you are undeserving of this nomination and your lack of humility highlights that strikingly. It is possible to attack your opponent and look tough doing so without being petty and without belittling and insulting everyone who has ever worked to better his or her community. For an example of how to do this, read the acceptance speeches of John McCain and Barack Obama and mimic. It will help you to sound less like the amateur that you are.

(continued) Gold Star: Laura Bush

I think she’s tremendous. Can we set up some sort of guest bedroom for her in the White House?

Demerit: Joe Lieberman

It’s nice to see that, all these years later, jerkiness still knows no party.

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