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Grading the second debate

By Meg

Gold Star: "Sen. Obama, it's good to be with you at a town hall meeting.”

Oh, snap!

Demerit: McCain’s New and Completely Original Mortgage Plan

Sen. McCain, let me get this straight: You want the government to get off my back, but you also want the government to buy my mortgage?

Demerit: Tom Brokaw Watching the Clock

I’ve met nuns who are more inclined to bend the rules. Chillax, Tom.

Gold Star: Tom Brokaw’s Tough and Thoughtful Follow-Up Questions

Establishing a McCain/Obama Doctrine, Manhattan Project vs. Silicon Valley redux, reforming Social Security and Medicare within two years. ... I half expected Brokaw to ask the candidates to phrase their responses in Latin.Demerit: Cricket ... Cricket ...

Watching John McCain trying to joke with the audience was truly painful. I know the audience is not supposed to respond to anything but wow, give the guy a break. Chuckle, snicker, throw him a thumbs-up sign. Just make it stop. Please.

Demerit: “That one.”

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