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Graduate of the Clinton School of Politics

By LaShawnda

Bush sounds like he has a new speech writer. I was somewhat impressed by his history references in his speech to Israel’s Knesset on Thursday. I had to reread his statements a couple of times because they were rather stronger (and dare I say more intelligently presented -- word choice and usage, not content -- than most of the stuff he parrots). He came out strong, unexpectedly so. Why hasn’t someone told him he’s a lame duck? He’s not even supposed to be in the fight, so why is he messing with Obama?

I guess Obama had the same question. He snapped back like a souljah! Say, what? You know who I am? (In my mind I saw the neck roll and heard his knuckles pop as flexed in his boxer stance.) Bring it, for real, tho! I’ve been holding down the Clintons for months, I can handle a Bush!

I am cracking up ... seriously. I can’t think of anything that validates Obama as presidential threat more so than the incumbent president attacking Obama while on foreign soil.

(continued) What was he thinking? The world would rally behind McCain? Then earlier this week McCain started a smear campaign on Mrs. Obama. Are the Repubs so sure of end of their reign that they’re attempting to throw the kitchen sink, pipes and toilet at Obama before he’s even declared the Democratic Presidential Nominee? Obviously so.

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