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Gridlock We Can Believe In: Barack to the Future

(Credit: Politirazzi)

And so, like all good things, my trip to DC for the inauguration of President Obama has come to an end. I'm back in NYC. It is COLD.

To thank you for taking this trip with me, Politirazzi, I'd like to share with you the funniest things I overheard in D.C.:

— "Oh my God, is that Obama in there?"

"No, it's like Tina Fey or something."

— "Daddy, I'm cold."

"I know, sweetie, but this is what the president meant when he said we need to sacrifice."

— "Why aren't we moving? Those people are moving."

"Babe, that's the National Guard and they're carrying someone into an ambulance."

And now, THE funniest thing overheard in D.C., and possibly ever:

— "Girl, I'm smelling Obama's air!!"

— MB

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