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Gridlock we can believe in: Meg goes to the Inaugaration

(Credit: Politirazzi)


By Meg Boyle

Eager to witness history and slightly desperate for a break from NY (I love you, NY, but you're bringing me down), I decided to travel to our nation's capital for the Inauguration of Barack Obama. I'm going to try to bring as much of it to you, dear Politirazzi, as I can.

The adventure began last night when I drove into the District around 2 a.m. and passed the "Obama Campaign Headquarters," a.k.a. "Theresa's Garden Center," which has apparently decided to cash in on the hysteria by selling Inauguration souvenirs as well as garden implements and potting soil. Capitalism: Smell it and weep!

The first thing I did was drive to the Mall (drive around DC at 4 a.m.? Why not!) to take it in before the masses descended. D.C. at night is exquisite. So that was my first inaugural experience: Standing near the Capitol, watching football on the giant screens (why football?), happy to be here. More to come, kids.

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